L’ Acropoli di Puglia

Founded in the late 19th century, L’Acropoli di Puglia has earned an unparalleled reputation of excellence.  Maintaining the integrity of the family’s four generations of tradition, L’ Acropoli di Puglia preserves the procedure of the harvest, production, and in particular, the technique of conserving the extra virgin olive oil in cisterns hewn from calcified rock.  The success of L’Acropoli di Puglia continues from its founding principles of excellence in production and passion for offering only the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

The Martinese Area

The city of Martina Franca stands at the pinnacle of the hills of Murgia in the heart of Puglia; a region renowned for its beautiful landscape and land of iridescent colors.  In many ways Martina Franca has not changed with the passing of time and has remained true to its second name as the “Acropolis of Puglia”, earned from its reputation as the region’s epicenter of art, culture, tradition and prosperity.

Puglia’s temperate climate is ideal for the growth and cultivation of Mediterranean flora, specifically the olive tree. The region uniquely offers olive growers what is known as the necessary “Five “S’s” for successfully farming: silence, solitude, dry spells, sun and stones.